While the fashion industry continues to grow & change, we must never forget where it all began. Back then there was no technology like there is today, so a lot more went into creating an iconic piece. Today we literally need to snap a pic and send it to someone to re-create. In a nutshell the influence of fashion continues year after year. Basic silhouettes and styles are updated & adapted.

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Every vintage garment  comes with a story. Little is more exciting than being able to trace the origin of a garment. Our fashion expert shows us some vintage inspirations used in current  pieces  by fashion designers.

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An ongoing craze that doesn’t show signs of stopping is ethnic or tribal fashion. As South African’s we have good reason to celebrate this fashion trend, as we have so many rich, colourful cultures in our diverse country. We needn’t look elsewhere for inspiration as it is all around us. Time for us to wear the crown.

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Our glam squad selects their choice of what’s ‘hot, slick’ and on point for the right now!

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We’re all about the colour as nothing says vibrant, happy or even confident as a splash of colour! On our continent we embrace all that is bright and beautiful so why shouldn’t our clothes be too. Boys be going bold too!! And why not?

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The idea of a Motique (mobile boutique) was conceived out of a rather eye opening trip to SE Asia, where various retailers trade beyond the 9-5pm shopping that we are so accustomed to in SA.

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Good Devil is a ground-breaking men’s underwear brand that serves the taste buds of modern men with sexy intimate apparel.

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BluBlu Swimwear is designed with ‘feeling fabulous’ in mind. We do this by focusing our design features on details such as a little frill to hide top hips, or wider waistbands to flatten our tummies, and/ or special linings that slim and flatter you. We aim to t women who live and love life. All to build confidence in the wearer. Fabrics and trims are 100% swimwear tested.

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Don’t Conform – The Legacy of LEGiT continues with Punk & Ivy for Winter 2015!

LEGiT’s proud and defiant statement, “Don’t Tell Me What To Wear”, has become the mantra for Mzansi’s savvy young women who definitely know what they want. They know that with every new season the iconic brand gives them another reason to stake their individuality with a fresh range of fashion-forward items. Continue reading “Don’t Conform – The Legacy of LEGiT continues with Punk & Ivy for Winter 2015!”

First-Lady Fashion: Michelle Obama’s Influence on Clothing

Throughout history the first-lady has influenced fashion trends, however, none have had as much of an impact as Michelle Obama. Her clothing choices can result in stock prices for the clothing companies to rise as much as 2–3% for up to 3 weeks after she wears an outfit. Her fashion appeals to the people as she mixes more affordable brands like Gap and Target with high end pieces.

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