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Chef Norbert Niederkofler

Born in Lutago, in the heart of the Dolomites, Chef Norbert grew up on the grounds of a family owned ski resort. As a result, Nobert spent much time exploring the surrounds and the local wild produce that grew in abundance, full of flavour. It was here that he began to develop his interest in foraging, inspiring him to pursue an education in gastronomy. After concluding his studies at a culinary college in Germany, Chef Norbert took up posts in some of the world’s most illustrious culinary cities including London, Zurich, Milan, Munich and New York.

It was during this journey that he truly began to develop his own style, which he dreamt of bringing back to his hometown. Fortune favoured and in 1994, Norbert was offered the chance to run the kitchen at Rosa Alpina Hotel & Spa in San Cassiano, located at the base of the Dolomite Mountains. Norbert began to embrace the principles of a more ethical cuisine that flourishes on human bonds: from the producers, to the territory and the guests. He also began to focus on projects with social impact and in 2015, together with Paolo Ferretti, he founded Mo-Food, the start-up used to manage all the new projects. The most successful one that also sums up his approach is CARE’s –

The ethical Chef’s Days since 2016 focusing on the promotion of an ethical approach to cuisine outside of a restaurant’s walls. It is this dedication that allowed Norbert to receive his Third Michelin Star in 2017, as he says with “beetroot and potatoes”. As a natural consequence, Norbert opened AlpiNN – Food Space & Restaurant in 2018, the “home of Cook the Mountain”. In this location with a unique panorama at 2,275 mt above the sea level, young chefs are able to deliver via their affordable menù, the real and authentic mountain flavors. In July 2019 Norbert became a member of “The World’s 50 best Restaurants”, in 116th position with the St. Hubertus Restaurant

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