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Chef Ashley Conquest – Endless Horizon Boutique Hotel

Bio of Chef Ashley Conquest, born 27th December 1988 I Started Baking with my Mother at the age of 9, Learning the different ways of preparing and presenting food I grew fond of the idea of perhaps one day becoming a Chef myself.

Over the years I used many Cook Books and of course “Moms Kitchen”, in 2008 I finally did my studies at the International Hotel School and Practical Training at The Royal Hotel. After graduating in 2010 just as the Soccer World Cup finished, I started my venture into the world of Hospitality.

Battling to find my feet in the fast pace industry, in 2012 I found myself working as a Chef de Partie at a Boutique Hotel Izulu based in Ballito, KZN where we cooked for people such as Patricia Lewis and King Goodwill Zwelithini. In one years’ time I worked my way into the Sous Chef position, after a couple of months I continued my venture to the United States of America. I worked at a few great places and learnt a lot about different Cultures and their eating habits.

Starting at the Country Club of Mirasol in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida then to Wianno County Club in Massachusetts and the back to Florida I gained more experience than anticipated and cooked for people such as Stephan Gilchirst Glover aka Steve-O and Mrs Barbra Bush. I come back to South Africa and took on my first Head Chef job at Harissa Bistro in Hazelwood Pretoria
and the found myself running the Food and Beverage department at Endless Horizons BoutiqueHotel in 2016.

Craving to grow and learn more I returned to the United States of America and again worked for the Country Club of Mirasol in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Then travelled and worked on an Island called Fishers Island of the coast of Connecticut where I worked with Head Chef Edward Neiman who has had the privilege to cook for Former US President Obama. Being back at Endless Horizons Boutique Hotel feels like home and with my team of exceptional staff we strive to give all or Guests a satisfying all round experience, I do however firmly believe that working in this industry cannot be Mastered alone and that Team Work is the foundation of success. Other than the passion for cooking I also like teaching, may it be people I work with or the people that come and experience what we do, If I teach someone a new way of preparing a dish or teach someone a new way of enjoying a dish, I get the same satisfying feeling every time.

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