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An accomplished and highly practised Executive Chef with 25 years’ industry experience, Mr Vock is an innovative, performance oriented master culinary with a history of success in fast paced environments, requiring superior planning capabilities and culinary artistry.

Offering a strong record of achievement in a variety of food service disciplines, as well as a broad-based exposure to the following key areas of competency: Fusion Cuisines | Hygienic and Productive Kitchen Management | Multiple Outlet Catering / Management | Creation and Maintenance of Buffett and Ala Carte | Menu Design and Implementation | Food/Wine Coordination | Plating and Attractive Dish Presentation | Generation of SOPs for the Kitchen | Purchasing | Cost Equivalency | Budget Control | Stock Management and Inventory Control | Procurement and Ingredient Sourcing | Stakeholder Affiliations | Customer Service Relations | Staff Management, Mentoring, Training and Development.

Mr Vock is a seasoned connoisseur, with the ability to function effectively in the high stress kitchen milieu, while expertly building and leading a solid and multi-cultural team with a commitment to quality and impeccable customer satisfaction. Possessing a solid record for achieving maximum profitability through the implementation of proactive management and marketing approaches, as well as a background that encompasses exposure to advanced food preparation techniques in 5 star, regional South African and International cuisines, Mr Vock can deliver on results and truly live up to his personal service principle: ‘Making Ordinary Food Extraordinary’.​


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