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Slow Cooked Lamb Braised Lamb Shoulder, Cucumber Heart, Peas and Pan Juices

This meltingly tender slow cooked lamb dish is satisfyingly rich.


  • 300ml Fresh cream
  • 280g  Braised rolled lamb
  • 25g Charred cucumber hearts
  • 20ml Green peas puree
  • 20g Shelled green peas
  • 20g Butter
  • 15g Cabbage
  • 10g  Carrot brunoise
  • 5g Bacon
  • 5g garlic cream
  • 50ml Lamb jus
  • 2g Picked herbs
  • 5g salt
  • 5g Pepper 



  1. Bring the cream to boil and the peas and then blitz to a smooth consistency
  2. Dice out three cucumber hearts from a single from a single cucumber. pan sear cucumber hearts until charred evenly on all the sides.
  3. Dice the carrot  to fine *brunoise. Pan roast them and keep warm.
  4. Slice cabbage very thinly, and cook with diced bacon and garlic cream.



Dress the pea puree as illustrated in the picture, arrange  the cucumber hearts, topped with shelled peas.

*Quenelle a mixture of the cabbage, bacon  and garlic  cream, place  the braised lamb in the center and dress it with lamb jus. Garnish with picked herbs

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