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Meet Mzansi’s queen of print, Sandi Mazibuko

Sandi Mazibuko is a vivacious, driven and creative businesswoman, who has made her mark in the cutthroat industry of fashion. Amongst many other business interest, Sandi is also a founder and mastermind behind fashion label, Fabrosanz, which has established itself, a niche in the wardrobes of many fashion forward females in South Africa!


Sandi Mazibuko is first and foremost a mother and passionate driven person who cares about children and the youth this led her to establish the Incharge Fabro Foundation seeing some of the negative role that the social media was having on young girls. Having lost both parents at a young age she understands the difficulty of being a parent and a single mother but this did not deter her as it drove her to take ownership and responsibility for her life hence the Foundation being called INCHARGE. Passionate about bettering the lives and futures of the youth, Incharge Foundation is committed to mobilizing resources from businesses, government and individuals to achieve our mission.

(BREAKING DOWN THE PRINT)-Print designed in 2018 for Fabrosanz

The circle shapes on the print was inspired by the Zulu culture. Zulu people embrace their tradition with explosive loud colours and beadwork that has beautiful shapes, the earrings and hats they wear and this beautiful aesthetic resulted in us incorporating in this print development.


We also have geometry and diamond shapes we find in the print which was inspired by the Ndebele culture. Ndebele people are also known for their non-filter when it comes to colour. They beautifully represent this by their homes but over the years this geometry has made its entrance in the south African fashion world. This geometry is making its mark and can featured on almost every  fashion item you can think of this geometry is on a large spectrum that we don’t even know how big it will still yet get.


The Fabric print also shows inspiration from the Xhosa culture, And that is represented by the black lines we see on the fabric . the Xhosa culture is quite simple and minimal simple black and white . hence the whole print on white fabric and with the combination of boom colors and geometry we developed the “Nguni” print.



For this collection we have a combination of different textiles. We decided to work with  light and medium weight fabrics. Chiffon- a timeless show piece . feels airy. Light and easy to wear, never goes out of style.Liquid satin- feel of luxury in the presence of a human body. Light comfortable to wear Gabedine- the medium yet easy to work with fabrics . this will be used on structured  and tailored pieces.



We range from Fun to 3D innovation. Effortless sophistication to timeless tailoring, Formal but Street smart. All this is to not only grab attention but to start a conversation in the international fashion market . Nguni collection is to Realise and Revitalise the beauty of the African Origin. We plan to shut 2018 in style .



Not to spill too much tea just hints, expect structure because it never goes out of style 2019 is a year of anything Dramatic , expect a lot of statement sleeves. They are a big Fomo trend now we cannot get away from.Tailoring remade.  Avant guard For a classic formal finish to the entire collection And whats a collection without feminity Tired skirts and Flowy dresses. The Brand caters for a target market raging age group from as young as 18 – 60 years old because we produce  such a versatile range for African women they connect to our clothing designs and we have hope that the Nguni collection will speak volumes with all age groups.


Fabrosanz as a brand is here to start a conversation, this collection is for Brave women who isn’t afraid to embrace her origin .The Nguni collection is for a person who is not afraid to be commanding in appearance. She is trend setter and does not shy away to stand out from a crowd . The Nguni collection is for Influential people with leadership skills, a women who knows her worth ,her Roots and does not conform when it comes to expressing that.The Nguni collection is a representation of a Queen who is fully Woke and In charge of her Origin.






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