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The chef in the pistachio-green jacket  is well in the history of the Hotel Martinez. Born in Cannes, a lover  and defender of his Provencal  terroir,  he has worked at the establishment since 2001; in 2007,  he became the chef at the La Palme d’Or restaurant, now boasting two Michelin stars  and earning  four  Toques  and 18/20 in the Gault & Millau guide.  As Executive Chef of the Hotel Martinez ,  he channels his creativity  and style into culinary artistry of  La Palme d’Or  and all the hotel’s other dining establishments.


The story of chef Christian Sinicropi and the Hotel Martinez dates back to the 1980s. After earning a French vocational training certificate (CAP) as a cook in 1989, he took his first position  as an apprentice  chef (commis de cuisine) alongside Christian Willer. He then  joined Sylvain Duprac’s staff at the  restaurant La Cote* at the one Michelin – star Hotel Carlton  as second commis.

In 1993, he left the Biarritz and the city’s  jewel of luxury  hospitality,  the hotel du Palais, where he joined  the staff of Meilleur  Ouvrier de France Jean-Marie Gauthier.  The period that followed  would rocket him into  the culinary constellations. First came  Cannes,  at the La Belle Otero* restaurant (two Michelin star); then Strasborg at  Antoine  Westermann’s Buerehiesel (Three Michelin  star ,  then  Alan Ducasse’s restaurant, the Louis XV in Monaco  (three Michelin stars). He returned to Cannes in 2001, joining  the Martinez  staff under chef Christian Willer, Who Would  name his as his successor. For several years, the two chefs  worked in tandem before chef  Sinicropi took the helm in 2007* now closed.


 From his mother, a woman with Tuscan roots  who had a small business selling wood-fired pizzas, he inherited the culture of good cooking  and good eating. Christian Sinicropi  is a local chef,  proud to be  Mediterranean and defender of his land. What he hold most dearly is the excellence  of his ingredients, choosing them from the selected farmers, producer and breeder in the region. Taste, too, is paramount: genuine, rustic , something  that stirs our primitive instincts . This focus  is framed by an artistic and  poetic  vision, an invitation to taste cuisine that is original, utterly authentic, an ode to Provence and the cultures of the world.



At La Palme d’Or  restaurant, the tableware from e=sc2 is designed by Christian Sinicropi and crafted by his wife , Catherine. Several years ago, having mastered the secret of ceramics, the couple began creating plates and other utensils to hold the chef ‘s entire  culinary composition,. having studied the art alongside his wife  at the Ecole des Beaux- arts in nearby vallaris, this tableware is another tangible embodiment of his overall vision  of cuisine that includes producers , breeders, farmers, markets gardeners, cooks  as well as artists and ceramist.



Beyond working on their own designs Christian and Catty Sinicropi collaborate with other contemporary artists . The first such project began in 2011 with painter and plastic   artist Patrick Moya. more alliance followed, such as with Steph Kop, a sculptor- artist from Morvan in central France, French urban artist  Shaka Marshal, and , in 2018 Alexone , another street artist and urban  poet who , creative complicity with the chef, designed a penguin serving cloche revealing a plate of langoustine.


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