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Les Oeufs de Poissons Mimosa

Discover the recipe for Eggs mimosa with Green Crab Broth


  • 300 kg of green crab broth
  • 100 kg Japanese mayonnaise
  • 10 kg of mullet poutargue
  • 10 slices of dried country bread
  • 10 quail eggs
  • 10 kg of vegetable gelatin
  • 5 kg of capers
  • 5 kg of anchovy pearl
  • 5 hen eggs outdoors
  • 1 box of aniseed blossom
  • 1 branch of celery branch
  • PM Flower of salt
  • PM Olive oil
  • PM Marjoram Oil


For quail eggs

In a heated vinegar poach eggs  quickly to avoid glaze.


For green crab jelly

  1. Heat the broth add vegetable gelatine, bring to the boil again and pour on a plate or tray the liquid to a thickness of 3 mm
  2. Wait for complete cooling and then cut out with rings of 10 cm diameter
  3. Reserve until training


For condiments

  1. Wash, peel and detail the branch of celery in small sticks of 1.5cm in length it takes (7per person)
  2. Put the Japanese mayonnaise in a cone
  3. Drain the capers
  4. Put the marjoram oil in a small pipette


For Plating

  1. On a plate, place a ring of green crab jelly in the center of the plate,
  2. make a grid of mayonnaise in the middle of the ring,
  3. then place the egg white and yolk in half Using a lathe,
  4. Make a cordon of mayonnaise with the cornet at 1 cm from the outside edge of the ring.
  5. Then place the condiments, capers, anchovy beads, aniseed blossom, dried bread roughly broken, drop of marjoram oil  on each side 
  6. Finish by placing the poached quail egg in the center of the plate,
  7. using a microplane some zest of mullet poutargue


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