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RED CURRY WITH CHICKEN – One of the best red curry with Chicken Curry recipes you will ever make at home.



  • 200g      Chicken
  • 100g       Pumpkin
  • 100g       Papaya
  • 100g       Carrot
  • 100g       Tarot
  • 100g       Red curry paste
  • 4 cups    Coconut Milk
  • 1tbs       Fish sauce
  • 1tbs       Cooking oil
  • 1tbs      Sugar
  • 4 – 5 pcs    Kaffir Lime  Leaves
  • 4 – 5pcs    Hot basil leaves
  • 4 pcs        Red Chilli



  1. Heat wok with oil and green curry paste fry until aromatic
  2. Add chicken and slow fry until cooked
  3. Add coconut milk, season with fish sauce and sugar
  4. Add pumpkin, papaya , carrot and tarot
  5. Wait until cooked and garnish with kaffir lime leaves, hot basil  and red chilli



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