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As the cold moves in so the blankets come out together with the soup tureens and hearty stews. But did you know that there are certain spices that also adds warmth and depth  to any meal? Plus, they have great health benefits.


 Cloves contain fiber,vitamins and minerals. Eating clove may improve  liver health, regulate  blood sugar and reduce stomach ulcers. They depth and warmth to chutney & curries or just  steep a few in boiling water to enjoy a cup of cloves tea. Also chewing on a clove is great  to relieve toothache.


 Cumin – (Jeera)

Great for weight loss & balancing cholesterol this earthy, nutty flavoured spice  can be used to pep up any dish. Its often used in Indian Moroccan & Asian cooking. Cumin  may even help with stress & memory loss.

cumin final



Just a little pinch of these little threads will add great flavour to a dish and some awesome benefits to your health! Saffron is an amazing anti oxidant  with cancer fighting properties and may help reduce the symptoms of PMS. It can also aid in weight loss, and is known  as an aphrodisiac ! It’s not the most expensive spice  in the world  for nothing then!


Cardomon – (Elachi)

With its cancer fighting, blood pressure lowering & anti – inflammatory properties  this is one spice  that can be used  in just about anything from tea to curry!  Be careful though, the  taste and aroma are pungent  and biting one of these  can be a shock to taste buds.  A good  idea to remove the pods before serving to avoid any unpleasant reaction.


Spices are a great way to play with the flavour profiles of our meals but they also have great health benefits, so the next time you do something even as simple as frying an egg…..add a little spice to it


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