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Hotel Martinez – France

The metamorphosis of the iconic Hotel Martinez… Hôtel Martinez, established on the mythical Croisette in 1929, at the heart of a marvelous landscape between the Mediterranean Sea, sandy beaches and the famous Cannes palm trees walk.

Nowadays, it is renowned and represents the preferred Hotel of participating stars at the glamorous Cannes Film Festival, In spring 2018, the Hotel Martinez has tied up ties with its origins by revealing a new chapter of its history by redesigning and transforming its décor under the aegis of interior designer Pierre-Yves Rochon. He started his journey by designing in 1985 the well-known rated two-starred Michelin gourmet venue La Palme d’Or. Recently, he built a new facelift of the Hotel, inspired by its glorious French Riviera origins and its Art Deco style, combining a contemporary luxury venue with a Mediterranean lifestyle. All these changes have taken the hotel into a new venture of its history by joining the exclusive «The Unbound Collection by Hyatt” brand.


2018 -06 Junior Suite Mer - Hotel Martinez ©JF Romero (2ter)

Each space of the Hotel Martinez is an invitation to the French Riviera and its lifestyle. The yachting style is reflected throughout the 409 redesigned rooms and suites;whereyou are greeted in a setting made of white lacquered furniture enhanced by splashes of clear blue and yellow, reminding the land of sea and sun…The Art Deco style is the anchor of this historical site. The entrance hall, bathed in natural daylight, decorated with a magnificent chandelier-harmonizing floor to ceiling white marble.

Moving outside, chic comes across bucolic in an Oasis of green, Le Jardin du Martinez. The pavement made terrace and the lovely centrally located fountain brings you to a little Provençal village square decorated with cork oak, where the palm trees make the postcard of Côte d’Azur and the pomelos, myrtles, lemon trees and aromatic plants perfume and sublimate this unique place. During the summer season, elegance meets jazz music in the course of the ‘Guinguette’ spirit nights.

2018-10 Le Jardin du Martinez © JF Romero (7)


Le Jardin plays opposite Version Originale, the main restaurant of the hotel, of which it shares the menu. Culinary traditions around the world, revisited with local and Mediterranean Sea products inspire the flavors. In the extension of Le Jardin, the Martinez Bar cultivates the yachting style marrying glamour and retro, around creations of signature cocktails and snacking cooked on a teppanplancha.

2018 - 10 Suite des Oliviers©JF Romero (3)


Must-see place of the Croisette, the restaurant La Palme D’Or, rated two-starred Michelin, presents a setting dedicated to the Cannes Film Festival. Christian Sinicropi, the Executive Chef, offers an inventive cuisine around the concept of the ‘Movement’, served in ceramic dishes designed by himself and crafted by his wife, ceramic artist.

2018-10 Martinez Bar © JF Romero (2)

The Hôtel Martinez is also the “rendez-vous” for wellness… At the Beauty Spa L.Raphael, which offers ultra-luxurious pampering treatments; the private beach, will reveal a new design in the spring of 2019.

  • Hôtel Martinez
  • 73, La Croisette 06400 Cannes, France
  • T +33 (0) 4 93 90 12 34
  • E
















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