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Q & A  with a Michelin Star Chef Hiroyasu Kawate- FLORILEGE RESTAURANT -TOKYO

Chef questions – Twenty Questions with Urban life n Style


1.What do you think the next trend in foods will be

All gaps disappear

2.What is the most interesting veg to pair with dessert


3.The weirdest thing you’ve eaten


4.Your personal trademark style of cooking


5.Which type of cuisine do you find the most exciting


6.What do you cook at home that you never cook at work


7.When designing a new menu item, what factors do you take into account to achieve perfect balance

Flow of whole course

8.If you weren’t a chef what would you be


9.Current ingredient obsession

Original species

10.If you were an item of kitchen equipment what would it be and why

Knife  -Because I cherish it most

11.First word that comes to mind when you hear the term “foodie”

I do not care

12.Favorite place/restaurant to eat at on days off

“YAKINIKU”  and Japanese at home

13.Guilty pleasure

Eating high calorie ramen at midnight

14.What meal evokes nostalgia and childhood memories

rice ball

15.A dish on your menu that goes where you go

The same dish as Florilege

16.Your least meal on earth would be…. And where would you have it

Eat Sukiyaki at home with my family

17.Funniest kitchen incident


18.What do you do in your free time to unwind/relax


19.Fun Fact that no one knows about you


20.Finally, the ONE thing about your job that you absolutely love

The moment of cutting roasted meat



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