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Festive cheer is upon us and this bubbles and bells edition can not be complete without  a few ideas on daring to be different with your sparkling wine this season. And of course, nothing says party ite like a glass of bubbly, but get creative this year and try out some delish champagne cocktails.


1 Part Sparkling Wine

1 Part Orange Juice

A classic morning drink has got to be the Mimosa – made with sparkling wine.

Bucks Fizz is similar but is 2 parts Orange Juice and can only be made with champagne

Homemade Refreshing Orange Mimosa Cocktails 


Sparkling Wine and

Peach Puree

Perfect for a sunny afternoon chilling by the pool

Named after a 15th century artist : Giovanni Bellino



2/3 teaspoons Creme de Cassis

Top up with Sparkling Wine

Perfect for after dinner while enjoying those long, leisurely holiday conversations.

Creme de Cassis is made from blackcurrants



3 parts Aperol

3 parts Sparkling Wine

1 part soda

Perfect for summer, no matter what time of day or night

Aperol has a strong mandarin or orange taste similar to Campari yet sweeter in taste 


These are the “traditional” bubbly cocktails but with a little imagination you can make your own with any fruit or liqueur that you prefer. Or try these Mimosa variations below:


Perfect on Christmas morning, plus the colour adds to the festive feel!

Vodka glasses on the table


A small scoop of your favourite sorbet at the bottom of your flute

transforms your Mimosa into a MoreMosa!!



Add a shot of tequila to your favourite Mimosa and you’re off!!



Granny Smith apples, fresh cranberries ,green grapes, pomegranate seeds, sparkling grape juice and your favourite bubbly


Prosecco and Cava are also great for these cocktails and of course, if you have the real deal – champagne – absolutely sublime!!

If you’re more into Mocktails – substitute the bubbly with ginger ale and instead of tequila try agave syrup – just as festive, only minus the kick!!

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