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It’s that time of year again when summer and cheer lift us up and get us going. It’s simple to feel rejuvenated having taken in the spring flowers and crisp air. As the beautiful weather awaits, or snow falls in the Northern Hemisphere, we know the festive season is finally here and we’ll take any excuse to use that time to find the perfect getaway.


There’s almost nothing as relaxing as sitting under an umbrella and sipping on a cocktail while looking out at the deep blue sea.


Mauritius lemorne

The nearby tropical island of Mauritius has magnificent beaches in every direction. The lush interior and beachy exterior make Mauritius exquisite for a relaxed holiday with a bit of adventure. It’s best to just pick one or two places and really get into the lazy day beach vibes. Stay in the young atmosphere of LUX* Le Mourne where surprises, sunsets, and dolphins await.



bike Bali

Find yourself on a second holiday later on in the summer by taking the long haul to Bali for a complete escape of reality. With a reputation for 6-star luxury and warm hospitality, Bali is absolutely dreamy. While Bali can get busy during peak times, you can still have an exclusive ambiance at the St. Regis all year round. Their top tier service will take you beyond your expectations and immerse you in complete serenity


The best of the festive season is at the end of the year when Christmas cheer is all around.


Walking around the streets of central London during the festive season somehow feels like you are on the set of Love Actually. You’ll be saying ‘wait did I just bump into Colin Firth?’ It’s somehow a bit more magical when everyone is wearing wool coats, long fluffy scarves, and cozy hats. Christmas offers a change in menu, special events, and lit up Christmas trees around the city. For the ultimate in holiday spirit, head to Covent Garden; it’ll be packed but full of cheer this time of year.

London Christmas lights


For an entire month leading up to Christmas, Cologne becomes a winter wonderland. The city transforms into what you might imagine as Santa’s workshop or an elf inhabited the North Pole. Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, the Christmas Markets of Germany are legendary. Imagine historic twinkling buildings with cobblestone streets and old Bavarian architecture on every corner. Be sure to get your fill of warming gluhwein at one of the adorable little market stalls, you have to stay warm!

Christmas market in Cologne


Ring in the New Year in luxurious fashion.


The first major city to broadcast their ringing in the New Year, Sydney can be a spectacular place to start 2019. Traditionally you might find yourself somewhere near the Sydney Opera House, but those looking for an ultimate party should head to Cockatoo Island, just inside the harbour. Be bold and start the new year with the Sydney BridgeClimb. Or if you love cars, try the Ferrari Drive and Dine with Prancing Horse, taking you on a full day’s drive only to end the experience at one of the country’s top restaurants.

Sydney Harbour

Hong Kong

Commemorate the passing year with people from all over the world in the international city of Hong Kong. Make your way down to Victoria Harbour to see the lights and fireworks production. On an average day they are already a sight to see, but on special occasions, the city takes this jubilee to the next level. Spend your holiday at the flagship and very first Mandarin Oriental. At night sip Dom Pérignon while eating a multi-course meal and bringing in 2019 with the sounds of elegant jazz. And on the 1st, find yourself indulging in a sophisticated breakfast (if you can make it there early), lunch, and high tea.


The festive season means raising your glass as often as possible and celebrating another year accomplished, and of course, a year ahead to explore!



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