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SecretEATS is an exclusive dining experience unlike any other.


Top, talented chefs and young,rising stars are invited to step out of their everyday kitchens and into a mystery location to create a once-off dining experience that leaves guests hungry for more. Invited guests are treated to an exclusive, intimate dinner party featuring course after course of gourmet food, and premium wine pairings from some of the country’s top wine farms.

DSC_7623 copy
The idea is simple – SecretEATS brings together outgoing, adventurous food and wine lovers looking for a decidedly different dining experience. Our guest chefs take diners taste buds on a culinary journey in the most unusual, unexpected and awe-inspiring locations across South Africa. Founded in 2013, SecretEATS made waves on the dining scene by inviting guests to join thirty or so adventurous, outgoing food and wine lovers for a ‘by invitation only’ secret dining experience at an undisclosed location.

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SecretEATS has worked with some of the country’s top local and international chefs, including Brad Ball, Bertus Basson, James Diack, Vicky Crease,Michelle Theron, Kobus van der Merwe, Pete Goffe-Wood, Vanessa Marx and more. From wineland homes to stunning art galleries, private gardens, ancient Milkwood forests and anywhere in between, our evenings are always hosted somewhere guests can’t simply go and make a booking. To add to the intrigue, the Secret chef and menu are only unveiled upon confirmation of your password at the secret location on the day of the event.


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