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LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE after all, we only have one.

Everyone wants to be healthy. That’s what drives the health industry, from medical practice to supplements, to gyms, personal trainers and manufacturers of health-related products. With so many products, plans and health philosophies on the market, it’s difficult to know what is right for you.

Social media health messages can be confusing.

The health promotions and information on social media sites can be confusing. It’s almost impossible to know who’s the real authority and who’s just sending out curated information that they’ve collected from somewhere. And there’s often a dark twist to social media health marketing – the educational or informative articles usually show that without a certain product, the health that you want isn’t going to happen. 

While I personally believe that health is a black and white issue, for most people it isn’t just a black and white issue – in fact there are many grey areas.

Going to gym Not going to gym Eating 2 energy bars post-workout
Eating healthy foods Not following a healthy diet Eating junk instead of healthy


Going to the gym is a white area, but eating two “healthy” energy bars after a workout, followed by a latte is the grey area. Not working out at all because you don’t have time is a black area. Working out once or twice a week and not every day is another grey area – and it’s these grey areas that you need to examine before tackling the road to health. And it’s the black and grey areas that create so much guilt and procrastination.

The level of health, recovery or achievement of health goals depends on personal determination and discipline. Without these qualities, the path to health is full of black and grey areas – those things that we excuse because we lack time, opportunity, or inclination.

Going to gym and training regularly is only part of the path to a healthier you. Eating the right kind of food plays a huge role, as does the health of your mind and emotions. If you’re working out, eating right but under stress at work, then your health goals are clouded by grey areas. It’s always a good idea to isolate these areas so that they can also be made part of your health strategy.

Exercise and diet programs can become your sole focus, and the other needs, the things that nurture you on an emotional and spiritual level can fade into a grey area of the things that you know you should do, but never get around to. Getting yourself on the road to better health should be your goal, and clearing up the grey and black areas with constructive action is the way to achieve your objective.

Learning to destress, meditate, clarify your thoughts and goals, and improve your emotional well-being are things that you must add to your health program if you want to reach the optimum health that you know is possible. Don’t be fooled into taking a one-sided path to health, a more open and holistic approach will bring your goal closer and have you feeling better and better.

Over-using supplements and “health” foods is very easy. Over-eating healthy food is just as dangerous as eating junk food. There always has to be balance between what you eat, how you exercise and how you live the rest of your life.

This short questionnaire that can help you see where your personal black and grey areas are.

  1. 5 things that you’re doing that are bad for you right now (black)
  2. 5 things that you know you should be doing (grey)
  3. 5 things that you can do something about right now (white)

As you start to minimize the black and grey areas, and add more white area focus, you’ll soon see that gaining better health is a process that takes time, adjustment and creativity. It’s always possible to turn your health white – with no black areas – if that’s what you really want. Remember, taking action is white, making excuses is grey, and doing nothing is black. Take action now, don’t sit around and make any more excuses. Take charge of your health path and enjoy your life even more.


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