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Chef Marco Quarta – Courthouse Hotel London

Born in the Italian city of Lecce, Marco left behind a  career in Taekwondo to hit London by a storm with his culinary delights. After attaining a first class diploma from the established Brindisi School of hospitality Marco set about putting his skills to the trade.


The next several years proved to be a whistle stop voyage for Marco. From cutting his teeth with Michelin starred chef Moreno Cedroni at the renowned Baglioni hotel in London to opening the famous “Punch Bowl” gastro pub owned by celebrities Guy Richie and Madonna.

It was therefore inevitable that a well- publicized Middle Eastern royal family caught his eye and appointed his services to their gastronomic needs on an exclusive basis.

Still hungry for more Marco took the decision to step out of his comfort zone and take on the lead role at London’s newly opened lifestyle, Courthouse Hotel situated in the ever emerging trend setting location of Shoreditch.“Mamma mia” as with lots of famous Italian chefs Marco took inspiration from his mother. “I use to love watching her make the pasta from scratch one minute a pile of dough the next streams and streams of lovely spaghetti. My mamma always said if you are going to do something to it properly.

When he is not creating in the kitchen, Marco loves to travel with his wonderful wife Luana.


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