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Chef Deborah Bailey – The Coloured Kitchen

Born and raised in Durban, South Africa, homecook Deborah Bailey has had a love affair with food from an early age, from back when as a child she would hear her dad saying “There’s no love in this food” which would make her giggle  With an eccentric dad who loved to bake, build model boats, fish for dinner and paint – it is hardly surprising that food would at some stage take centre stage.

At just 19 years old Deborah moved to Johannesburg for greater career opportunities and thrived in the fast paced, energetic environment. She spent 8 years at Tsogo Sun and most recently held the position as Head of Marketing for Rebosis Property Fund. Debbie as she is fondly know has spent many years in the marketting industry and currenty consults in the hospitality and retail industries. Debbie is a both an avid traveller and golfer and even though she spent five years living and working in the USA, she still cannot get enough of visiting new places. Her extensive travels have afforded Debbie the opportunity to taste many types of cuisine and develop a palate for the finest ingredients and most delicate tastes.


Deborah is a home cook whose language of love is food and has this to say about it.“I never thought of cooking or food as a love language, until I heard the term bandied about. Are you familiar with languages of love? It’s this idea that everyone has different ways of showing love. Some people need words of affirmation; they need to hear that they are loved and appreciated. Others may not need to hear “I love you” but want quality time together. Some love to give and receive gifts, it may seem materialistic but for some it’s an important emotional gesture. My language of love is food. From planning the menu to going out and choosing and buying the ingredients, cooking the meal and ultimately serving and watching loved ones enjoy eating it. For me food speaks all of these languages of love.”


The Coloured Kitchen is a window into the colourful, happy kitchen of Deborah and provides a birdseye view of her favourite recipes both local and from her travels.

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