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Find Your Fire…….
Jay d’Engle is an international model/actor, Lifetime Vegan, athlete, International celebrity fitness coach and nutritionist, Founder of J-FIT online vegan fitness academy, TIFIT international coach, Founder of J-FIT online vegan fitness academy,lecturer and mindful coach. Jay is passionate about wellness and has made it his mission to share what he knows wherever he goes. Here he shares some insight on how to remain ‘fired up’ and excited!!

How do you keep your inner fire burning when life gets tough? Why is it so hard to be focused when your life is busy? How do you stick to a healthy diet, further your career, and attend to your family responsibilities when there’s just so much to do?

Our body, your mind and your spiritual nature all work together. The close connection between body, mind and spirit has been studied by many scientists, and the evidence is clear:Your state of mind can steal away your energy and tire you out, or it can build you and help you overcome challenges you. (ref’s) Your mind and body need the right fuel to function well. The right food makes you feel good on every level.

But your mind and your spirit also need invisible food– things to restore your energy and drive, and that refresh your spirit. Everything around you has an energy – good people, activities and food make you feel great. Negative people and activities bring you down, and the negative effect of junk food on the body is obvious – especially when your scale tells you that you’re putting on weight.But you have the power to make positive changes for yourself.  Sometimes you just need a little encouragement to get going. So start right now – decide to take better care of your body, mind and spirit.



Start your day quietly. Don’t switch your phone or computer on the moment you wake up. Sit quietly and meditate, think or say a prayer. Just taking a few minutes to focus on the day ahead can help you focus on what you need to do. This not only relaxes your mind but prepares you for the day.


Something every day. Having fun is the best way to relax your mind and change the focus. A short break helps recharge your inner batteries.


This helps speed up production of serotonin, and that encourages deep sleep so the body can recover faster. 90% of serotonin is produced in the stomach, so a good, healthy diet will help to restore your energy.


Reading is a fantastic way to change the focus, and to tap into inspiration, excitement and adventure. Invest in a good book or two and read every day.


You know how much time you waste on social media. If you take that time and rather invest it in learning something, you will soon see results.

Identify the habits and traits that hold you back, then design an action plan to change them. Give yourself time every day to work on these issues. Changing and improving yourself can release a flow of positive energy that can make you feel good about yourself.

References- Yi-Yuan Tang, Brian Bruya: Mechanisms of Mind-Body Interaction and Optimal Performance, Frontiers in Psychology, 2017;8:647. Published online 20170509

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