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Few restaurants can boast both Mopani worms and filet steak on their menus but The Boma Dinner & Drum Show in Victoria Falls is one of them. Over a quarter of a century old and still going strong. I remember visiting here first when my daughter was in primary school and now she is in her final year of varsity. So The Boma has been around for a long while, not many restaurants can say the same.

The Boma serves unusual fare which includes warthog, Mopani worms and even crocodile, but there is of course regular items for the less adventurous. One cannot even describe The Boma as a restaurant but rather an experience.

The drum show is as wonderful as ever with guests being given their own drum to get it on the action.  A sangoma (fortune teller) is available for any who want to know what tomorrow holds and of course in keeping with the spirit of the place, I had to pay him a visit.The Boma - Dinner & Drum Show - dancers 1

With local art and jewellry on sale, the most amazingly talented face painters walking around and creating pretty pieces on patrons faces, the general vibe is one of great fun &camaraderie. The first thing that struck me was how easy it could be to make new friends here, if you were a lone traveler.

The Boma - Dinner & Drum Show - face painting

I especially loved the gorgeous chitenge draped over each of us when we arrived, each one different, each one vibrant and colourful. Of course, I spilled uMqhombothi (Chibuku name of the beer) (African Beer) all over mine and had to get a new one.

The Boma Man

The food is good, the ambience awesome and the entire experience one that cannot be missed if you’re in Vic Falls but it goes without saying, it is touristy and maybe just a little contrived BUT if I were back in the area, I would certainly do it all over again. There is something about The Boma that brings you back to it.

Also, if you’re a guest at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, The Boma is just a short walk away as it is on the same property, so there should be no excuse for missing a great night out.

The Boma - Dinner & Drum Show - children drumming

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