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February may be the month of love and romance but it needn’t be only with a  significant other, you could fall in love with art, nature, literature and even wildlife. I recently did..I fell in love all over again with adventure. I fell in love with the outdoors and nature and I fell in love with Africa, yet again.

With all the recent happenings in Zim one may have thought twice about travelling there but we were off to Vic Falls & honestly, it was a fabulous experience all round without a murmur of any drama. Aside from the heat, the only other thing as warm, were the smiles of the people. I had been to the area previously & though it remains an adventure junkie’s dream the only mission this time was to visit The Falls.

DID YOU KNOW: The Smoke/Spray rising from the falls is known locally as Mosi Oa Tunya } 


Vic Falls is one of those places where time stands still, (unless you have an early morning pickup of course) and your worries are left way behind.

There are no ubers, there are meter taxis but wherever you’re staying there will be a shuttle bus to get you where you need to be. So no stressing about traffic, not even a thought spared to parking.

All you need to do is decide where you’re staying, find out all the adventurous things you can do, book your ticket and you’re off.


For South Africans, a self drive is very possible but why put yourself under pressure. There are regular flights direct to Vic Falls from OR Tambo and Fast Jet has some really good rates. That together with the convenient and fairly priced shuttle services make this a hassle free getaway.

I had wanted to return here to experience the “Devils Pool” the natural infinity pool that is all over the internet these days, however, please be advised that access to the swim site is only available from the Zambia side so you would either need to cross the border or stay in Zambia to use it.

I did see it though, and to be honest, I’m quite glad we were not on the right side as I think I would have chickened out in the end.

DID YOU KNOW: The volume of water flowing over the falls during high season in 3.5 days is equivalent to the Annual water consumption of the City of New York }



1. Visit the Vic Falls of course and do a guided tour – the guides   are so knowledgeable and you will come away having learnt so much more about flora and fauna than you thought you knew  Devils Pool is visible from point 11 on the Zim side.

2. Bungee jump off the Vic Falls bridge which is between the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe

3. River rafting and Tubing are hugely popular here – The rapids are Grade 5 and offer some of the most excitement you can get on water

4. Elephant Art SafariThe Wild Horizons Elephant Sanctuary and Orphanageand Art of Africa have teamed up to create an eco conscious and unique elephant experience, brought to life by the artistic strokes of your fingertips, while surrounded by the African bush.

5. There are sunset cruises on the mighty Zambezi, helicopter tours and amazing hikes.

6. Dinner at the legendary Boma Dinner & Drum Show is a “MUST” – have a go at some Mopani worms or get the sangoma’ to read the bones, either way it’s a great experience.

Victoria Falls is a one horse town but is so full of character & adventure that you really don’t pay attention to anything other than what ‘s next!

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