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Travelling as a couple can be both exhilarating and exacerbating at the same time. Yet there is nothing more exciting and unifying as being alone with each other in a strange place. But of course, this could either make you or break you….

Here are a few ideas to keep the stress at bay and ensure that your ‘tryst for two’ doesn’t become ‘tried and failed’

Manage expectations

This is a big one, you’re travelling, things do go wrong, just breathe. Remember, you’re in it together so if you start feeling a little agitated, chances are that your partner will also feel it at some point. So just relax and don’t expect him/her to have all the solutions just as you won’t. You will figure it out together.

Play to Personal Strengths

Don’t leave it all to your partner. If you’re good at directions and he/she is good at planning the day – do what you do and let your partner do what they do. This way both of you will be involved without putting pressure on the other. Split up the responsibilites.

Ask the Locals

Try to avoid the tourist traps, these are often always busy and are enough to try anyone’s patience with the number of things that could irritate one and ruin the day. Ask locals about best times/places/restaurants etc. Chances are you may get to enjoy those ‘tourist traps’ after all, with a little less stress.

Pack Patience, Be Flexible & Compromise

Travel for two is a magical experience for both but it is not all roses and unicorns. Try tossing the itinerary, go with the flow so that when things don’t work out, like arriving at a place only to find its just closed, smile & do something else instead of annoying yourself that you missed it. Be open to doing something you may never do again and/or may never have considered doing – especially if your partner is keen.

Manage Your Money

Discuss spending BEFORE you leave to eliminate those silly fights about affordability or not being able to buy something today because you overspent yesterday & didn’t even know it.

These may be obvious to many but you’d be surprised how many couples end up blowing up both their vacay and their relationship because they didn’t pay attention to the obvious.

So Happy Valentines Travels friends and remember – Just Breathe!!!

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