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So what is it about Valentines Day that sends us all into a hearts and roses frenzy?! Is it the idea of spending time or money on that one ‘special someone’ or the idea of receiving something magical from that one special someone?  As for me, I don’t get it!

Every day is Valentines Day – or should be! We should feel loved, respected and cherished every day! But if there is one day that we could get to do something spectacular, something that stands out – OK I get that and if that day is called Valentines Day – well I get that too, though I’m not really sold.

Here are some ideas to stir up the adrenaline, keep the roses blooming and get the hearts racing a little faster! Whatever your pleasure or your partners – you’re bound to find something that can work!


1. Tourist For A Day

Hire bikes and ride around your city to places you may never normally go. Pack a picnic and stop in a park to rest and cuddle before setting off again.

Get your bike at Bike and Bean (Durban) RentABicycle (Cape Town).


2. Outdoor Theatre

So many cities offer these now. It’s a fabulous non strenuous way to enjoy each other.  A picnic of cheese and wine will be great sustenance setting the mood for later!

DBN Botanic Gardens – The Titanic & Chris Saunders Park – Pretty woman. Two classics!!

CT  The Galileo Theater  GautengThe Bioscope in Maboneng


3. Wine Tasting

Hop on the Franschoek Tram and spend the day sipping your favourite grape without worrying about driving! Or in Durbs visit distillery 031 and treat yourselves to their gin, cachaca, vodka, absinthe or anything they’ve brewed up! You won’t be sorry.


4. Dance The Salsa 

Sign up for private lessons to get your blood smouldering. It’s a great way to have fun, learn a new skill and do something together.

DBN – Sabrosa Salsa

CT – Que Pasa

GautengEstilo Cubano

There are many things you can do to spruce up your Valentine, it all depends on budget, what you want to do and your attitude! Just have FUN!!!

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