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Flying can be exciting when everything goes right and quite simple nerve-wracking when they don’t! We have a few ideas to make sure that your flight experience is more than just enjoyable!

  1. Check out smaller/regional airports – the queues are often shorter and the airport taxes not as much as the bigger airports, for eg. If you’re going to Miami why not use Fort Lauderdale International airport as opposed to Miami International – it’s just about 30 minutes away and a little less busy.
  2. Duty Free is not necessarily cheaper – make sure you check the price of that new perfume at home before you indulge at the airport.
  3. Make sure your mobile is fully charged and you have your airline’s app on your phone – so you can get flight delay or gate change notifications quickly
  4. Try to book an early morning or very late flight out – airports are less congested at these times though staff may be scant due to the time, so leave a little early to make allowance for delays.
  5. Direct flights and non-stop flights are NOT the same thing – non stop flights are always first prize as they get you to your destination without any stops in between, so you can avoid delays created by lay-overs but if the budget doesn’t allow and you have to use a direct flight – be sure to know how many stops in between and how long for each stop. They may be cheaper but can cost you in time.
  6. A great tip if you’re arriving at night and you’re hungry is to call your hotel as soon as you land and order room service – you’ll have a warm meal waiting for you as soon as you arrive.

Here’s to a great holiday season filled with adventure, fun and great flights!

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