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Words: Tracey De Kock

It’s all well and good reading about the latest fashion in magazines, but that may be as much use as a bicycle is to a fish! The most important concept we need to learn, is how to dress so that we radiate confidence. After all there isn’t much point wearing that cutting edge outfit if you are not comfortable in it. If you don’t feel good, you don’t tend to look good either.

  • FACT! Confidence is infectious! As women we truly do have so much at our disposal, yet we so often get bombarded by all the stuff out there! Less is so often more…

How to dress with confidence but keep that feminine edge:

Don’t Be A Fashion Victim

We want to become a fashion VICTOR not a VICTIM! A guaranteed way to spend your evening fidgeting and adjusting your waistband is to wear something simply because it’s on trend, despite the fact that it is wrong for you. If you’re a follower of fashion, then by all means try to incorporate those trends that suit you into your wardrobe – but there are some things that just won’t work, no matter how fashionable they might be. If you are not sure, ask your children, they are tactfully bankrupt. You work hard to make a fashionable purchase, let the fashion work for you!

Comfort Matters

It is important to be relatively comfortable, but not sloppy. If you are wearing something that actually restricts your breathing, & forces you to speak in short whispery sentences all night, then bag it. If your dress is at the mercy of a slight gust of wind than give it a miss. Chances are you will spend more time concerned about the weather than your actual objective.

Be Positive

We all have days where we aren’t feeling very confident. Our clothes should make us feel better and enhance the things we like about ourselves. When you look in the mirror, don’t focus on things you don’t like – make a point of picking out the things you do.

Wear What Suits You

Similarly, when you are shopping for new clothes, choose items that suit YOUR figure! On some people skinny jeans look amazing, for others well not so good! Go for straight leg jeans or flares, and compromise on fashion rather than getting arrested by the “fashion police” Do you have great legs? Well then come on and show them off in a skirt or a dress. Raise a few pulses, it will feel good!

Know What To Wear When

Dress appropriately for the occasion. For instance, if you have a first date coming up, wear something that is tried and tested, something you always feel good in. Have an important meeting at work? Wear something that represents the professional, competent person you know you are.


At the end of the day all you really need is a bit of confidence! Some things – like hats for example – can look really good, but you need a certain amount of pizzazz to pull them off. Who wants to look like the Queen Mother at an important meeting? A hat can really say something funky about you, but it can also be as much of a distraction as having a third nostril!!! The golden rule is if it accentuates who you are, and adds to your confidence, then wear it!


It’s not only what you wear that matters, but how you wear it. Stay true to who you are, and wear what you love and what visually loves YOU! If you think you look great, then flash a great smile, you will brighten an entire room.

What we wear is important, however shallow this may sound! You know that feeling when you put on your favourite outfit, you feel ready to take on the world? Everyone deserves to feel like that….

As I said earlier, confidence is INFECTIOUS! Go on, spread some…..

“Be the Best you! “

Your friend in fashion

Tracey XX

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