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INGREDIENTS For the Chicken:

  • 1 Chicken, Cleaned
  • 40 g White Potato Pure
  • 40 g Roman Cauliflower Pure
  • 10 g Piquillo Peppers Pure
  • 3 p Sprouts
  • 40 g Mustard and Sweet, Smoked Paprika Sauce

METHOD For the Chicken:

  1. Cut the chicken and cook in a pan with Maldon salt and olive oil
  2. Cook to perfection!
  3. Add to plate, and garnish


INGREDIENTS For the Roman Cauliflower Pure:

  • 1 kg Roman Cauliflower Pure
  • 1 l Water
  • 1 l Milk
  • 10 gr Sale
  • 1 Bay Leaf
  • 100/200 gr Fresh Heavy Cream
  • 20/40 gr Cornstarch
  • 20/30 gr Garda Extra Virgin Olive Oil

METHOD For the Roman Cauliflower Pure:

  1. Bring water, milk and bay leaf to boil
  2. add the roman cabbage, cleaned and cut into tiny pieces
  3. when cooked, drain
  4. toast in a pan, adding salt, cornstarch and part of the heavy cream
  5. blend together with an immersion blender
  6. transfer mixture and whip together using the fastest speed possible, incorporating a thread of extra virgin olive oil

INGREDIENTS For the White Potato Pure:

  • 1 kg White Potatoes
  • 15g Maldon Salt
  • 200g Butter
  • 150g Milk

METHOD For the White Potato Pure:

  1. Cook the potatoes in salted water
  2. Pass them through a vegetable mill, then transfer to a mixer with a dough hook, together with the paprika
  3. Add butter and milk slowly, mixing until you achieve a smooth, airy consistency

INGREDIENTS For the Pequillo Peppers:

  • 140 g Piquillo Peppers Pulp
  • 10 g Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 4 gr Xsantana

METHOD For the Pequillo Peppers:

  1. Wash all the pepper seeds
  2. Whip in a mixer with all ingredients
  3. Insert mixture in an airtight jar and freeze
  4. After used, vacuum pack the remaining mixture

INGREDIENTS For the Chicken Base:

  • 500 gr Chicken Carcass, cut into small pieces – roasted in a saucepan, eliminating excess liquids and fat
  • 800 gr Pig Carcass cooked in the oven at 180/190º C per 40/50 min


Second Part: Avoid to Caramelize the Vegetable


  • 5 lt Water
  • 750 cl Red Wine
  • 300 gr Carrots
  • 300 gr Whole Yellow Onions
  • 50 gr Parsley Stems
  • 100 gr Green Celery
  • 100 gr Leek Hearts
  • 300 gr Champignon
  • 250 gr Tomato Paste
  • 5 gr Thyme
  • 2 Bay Leaves
  • 1 Garlic Clove
  • Pepper, Juniper Berries, Mustard Seeds


  1. Insert in a pan all the ingredients, be certain not to caramelize the vegetables
  2. Cook for 3/5 hours, depending on the heat
  3. Eliminate the pulp, throw away the bones, filter and reduce



Add to the plate the Cauliflower and Potato Pure, Chicken, and garnish with the Piquillo Peppers and drizzling the reduction to finish.

Mise en place: Plate, fork & knife



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