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Sweet dessert wines are referred to as Jerepigo. These are wines made from either the Hanepoot or Muscadel grape variety. They can be produced from either red or white grapes. The sweet wines are made by adding grape alcohol to unfermented grape juice. Flavour is extracted from the skins and once the skin contact is over, the juice is removed and fortified with alcohol resulting in the signature sweetness of Jerepigo.

Muscadel Jerepigo 1930

This beautiful complex wine with a green tinged colour and bursting with aroma. Despite its age the wine is still fresh and flavourful with spicy and herbal nuances. The wine is very concentrated with a slightly dry finish. 

Blend: Unknown

Star rating


Bon Courage White Muscadel

A full sweet dessert wine with an intensely raisiny aroma. Well balanced with an aromaticaftertaste. This beautiful grape juice  you Can keep for up to 8 years.The grapes were left on the skins for 24 hours to abstract as much aroma as possible. It waspumped to other tanks every 6 hours. The taste of the white muscadel is not harsh, because itwas handled much softer. Spirits of 96% was added. It was broken down with the juice to 15.

Blend: Muscat de Frontignan

Star rating


Van Loveren red Muscadel

This full sweet fortified wine with abundant raisin and muscat flavours with an opulent lingering finish.The juice was fortified with minimal intervention in the natural process of vinification, allowing the cultivar to express its individual characteristics and the soil of its origin. The maturation potential is 3 – 7 years

Blend: 100% Muscat de Frontignan

Star rating


Du ToitskloofHanepootJerepigo

Shimmering, brassy gold with lime-green specks. Concentrated mass of crystallised and citrus fruit, intriguing botrytis hints, turning to chocolate orange liqueur on a silky palate. Exceptionally long, fruity aftertaste. ageing potential Enjoy now or drink within 50 years of bottling.

The grapes were crushed and destemmed, then pumped to rotor tanks and cooled to 10° to 12° C to extend skin contact for as long as possible. The tanks were rotated as frequently as possible to extract more sugar and botrytis character from the berries. The sugar level was tested three times per day to ensure the grapes did not ferment more than 1° Balling. Fermentation was stopped by adding wine spirits to the juice. It was then stabilised and filtered before bottling.

100% Muscat d’Alexandrie

Star rating



Topaz in colour but tinged with a very appealing red, even after spending five years in wood. Delicious dessert aromas of raisins, Christmas cake, cinnamon and subtle citrus on the nose. On the palate the flavours unravel in the glass with each taste and the velvety texture with delicate woodiness ends in a lingering mocha aftertaste. This muscadel holds mature flavours yet still has enough youthful notes to continue to develop in the bottle.

The wines for this full sweet muscadel were specifically selected for their exceptional flavour profile that can withstand maturation without losing any of its unique characteristics. The wines were blended and matured for five years in 500-litre old French oak barrels.

Blend: Muscat

Star rating


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