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The Wurstmarkt – The worlds largest wine festival

In the 12th century, local farmers and wine growers began to gather to sell their produce to the pilgrims heading towards the chapel on top of a nearby mountain, Michaelsberg. By 1417, the event was known as Michaelismarkt and over the next few centuries, it grew into a three-day fair. It was first called Wurstmarkt in 1832, simply because a large number of sausages were sold during the fair – the name stuck and the market morphed into what it has become today – the World’s biggest wine festival. With a wine glass especially crafted by a Durkheim butcher for fingers greasy from sausages, called a Dubbeglas and 36 historic wineries or ‘wheelbarrows’ as they’re affectionately known, at the centre of the festival – you know you’re in for a treat. And with all the camaraderie, great food and loads of entertainment its 9 days of great wine and fun.  If you wonder upon the Wurstmakt be accident, (unlikely) and happen upon those long tables inside the tents you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re at Oktoberfest – only this is not beer. It’s wine, glorious wine. So next year, the month is September and the theme is wine….it’s never too soon to be prepared!


Celebrating Selena

On the 17th October Google commemorated the debut of her first album, Selena, with a Google-Doodle in order to celebrate the life and legacy of the “Queen of Tejano”, Selena Quintanilla. Selena was a fashion icon, trendsetter and philanthropist but became more known as a beacon of hope for Latina, immigrant and bicultural communities aground the world. Encouraged by her father, at the age of 9 she and her older siblings formed their band Selena y Los Dinos and in 1986 she won the Tejano (Tex-Mex music) award for “Female Vocalist of the Year” and was named the top selling Latin artist of the 1990’s by Billboard. Tragically, her ever rising star fell too soon as she was murdered by her friend and fan club manager in 1995. Selena’s life gives hope to so many people still now 22 years after her death and all we say is: Salud! Selena..Salud! and Thank you Google for reminding us of the grace, beauty and talent that was Selena Quintanilla.


Sagra delle Olive

The 31st Festival of The Olive was held at the suggestive setting of the Norman Svevo Castle in Sannicandro di Bari in October. The theme was “Pride and Sweetness”. With local and invited chefs creating culinary delights with their interpretations of the Olive Termite in the 2nd edition of “Asprezza and Dolcezza” live music and entertainment how could the ambience be anything but electric. Tours and tastings of olives and olive oil filled the air with the tantalizing aroma of the fruit. The Queen of the exhibition was the Olive termite, recognizable by its characteristic round shape and organoleptic properties. This is one for the bucket list for sure!


Fete de la Pomme

The apple has had a party…yes, she has in Mirepoix, France. Themed “Mirepoix at the School of Wizards” volunteers transformed certain areasof the towninto works of art. The apple was present everywhere of course be it in juice, pie or deco coloring the city in the multiple colors of the forbidden fruit and scenting the streets with sweet or tart scents. Whether you took a stroll through the stalls of the craft and gourmet market, tasted apple juice made on the spot participated in a quidditch match, there was fun to be had around every corner. There was even a chance to decorate a broom and win a prize for it.

The traditional apple pastry contest which is open to all showcased original creations, made at home.  A great way to greet the arrival of Autumn in the Northern hemisphere in color and with good humor. 



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