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Words: Tracey De Kock


We are always looking to add a little something to our sometimes boring everyday outfits. Why not add a little luxury for a more expensive, chic and elegant look?

Leather look pants

As long as you pick a pair that fit well, and have a nice feel, faux leather pants can elevate an outfit just as well as the real deal. Stay away from the plastic looking ones, as these really don’t have the same effect.

Silk Scarf

Invest in a silk scarf that has colours that will complement the items in your wardrobe. This is a timeless accessory that instantly adds an elegant touch. Either worn around the neck or attached to you handbag, both add an element of chic.

Small handbag

These are often only referred to as evening bags, but they can very easily be worn during the day. Often very well priced, pick one that is structured in a metallic, or embossed. They are not always practical, but for that reason they have a tendency to look expensive.

Oversized Sunglasses

Why should they make an outfit appear more luxurious? I would say it’s because they have been worn by so many famous faces. Whatever the reason, they convey a powerful vibe, and are extremely easy to find on a budget!


A statement watch says a lot. While we love the true craftsmanship of a designer watch, the look is really what it’s about.

Silk Blouse

A silk blouse feels as luxe as it looks. Whilst there are many that cost quite a lot, it’s not hard to find chic, budget-friendly options.

Animal print

There is something about animal print that shouts expensive (no I don’t mean the real deal) Invest in a snake skin clutch or a pair of leopard kitten heels (faux is perfect) Look for a style that is timeless, and once again an option that doesn’t shout fake and plastic!

These are just a few ways that you can add a little luxe to a lot of everyday. Think out the box and look at what is the best value for money on these items.

Happy shopping!

Your friend in fashion, Tracey XXX

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