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Peter Brunel and his innovative cuisine. Born to be a Chef

As of July 2014 Peter Brunel, from the Trentino region, has taken the reins of the kitchens at the Lungarno Collection: from Caffè dell’Oro, inaugurated in June 2014, to the now One Michelin Starred Borgo San Jacopo – or BSJ as its habitué call it, and finally The Fusion Bar & Restaurant. Three different styles of restaurant and recipes that challenge the chef to exercise his creativity together with his team.
Class of 1975, originally from Val di Fassa, Peter acclaims a consolidated experience in the restaurant industry. Following his diploma at the hotel institute ‘Tesero’ he moved to Bolzano where he took his first steps in haute cuisine under the guidance of Chef Giorgio Nardelli, at the Parkhotel Laurin. In 2000 he arrived at Villa Negri in Riva del Garda, where in 2003, at the age of 28, acquires a Michelin star. He then guided in the restaurant Chiesa di Trento before dedicating a few years to his other passion, building a family. During this time he welcomed two daughters and dedicated his time to product research and development. In 2012 he coordinated the restaurant, Palagio59 on Rignano sull’Arno  becoming the author of “Chef’s Circus”, a series of gastronomical appointments in which Michelin star chefs combined their imagination in cooking to the sweet notes of live Jazz.

Peter was a member of the National Italian Chefs, and in 2010 was selected by the Triennale Design Museum to participate in “The New Italian Design”, exhibiting the works of food design, staged initially at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Istanbul and then in Beijing. A key role in his professional growth is his predisposition in his continuous research and sensibility, going beyond the threshold of the kitchen, often referring to the worlds of art and architecture as sources of inspiration from which to draw new ideas for the presentation of his culinary creations.

His culinary concept harmoniously blends tradition and innovation; his cuisine is refined yet creative; using unusual and precious ingredients from all parts of the world, without forgetting to maintain the traditions of his origins.Potato, trout and rice are his favorite ingredients, which he studied to great extent and you will find many creative variations and interpretations on his menu.


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