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There are times when even the most laid back of us become Mac Gyver and those times are often when we’re out of our comfort zone. There is no time that we leave our comfort zones like when we travel… And we come up with some creative ways to fix our problems. Here are a few we’ve tried and tested and yes, they do work!!

Cable Tie It: 

Your lock broke? Or something went wrong with your bag? No problem just pop a cable tie through the two zipper loops and you’re good to go. Besides, you never know when else they could come in handy. We’ve seen these used as buttons at least once.

Zip Lock Now:

Thank us later  – Not only great for getting more clothes into your suitcase once the air is removed but they come in handy for storing open bottles of water or other liquids. Plus those small items that can easily get lost can always be found.

Straw  ‘Em Up:

Ladies always want to look good and this means jewellery of course. So to prevent your necklaces or chains from tangling, thread them into straws and fasten the latches even if you need to make a small hole in the straw. This will ensure that even though you may be a hot mess from a few travel mishaps, your jewellery won’t be.

It’s Nice To Ask:

Room upgrade, flight upgrade, table with a view etc. What’s the worst that can happen.? You might get a NO answer but then again you may just get a YES!

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