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Six reasons to look forward to the new Season. See, Eat, Adventure, Repeat

Get that pep in your step because it’s that time of year to get back to nature, eat new and fresh cuisine, and mission to festivals. Spring has sprung and there are lots of places across the country that are waiting to be explored!

Flowers & Flowers & Flowers

Flowers are a symbol of beauty and growth that we lose during the winter. They are a sign that the cathartic cold is at its end and mother nature is ready to be bold again. Anywhere and everywhere dots of hope spring to life. The vivid violets of the jacarandas that loom over the streets of Johannesburg and Pretoria make the air smell sweet and light up the blue sky. Along the west coast there are bursts of luminescent succulents flowering on beds of beachy sand all the way into the quiet town of Springbok just short of Namibia. Fields of flowers show off letting us know that it’s time to be outside again. Don’t miss the Darling Flower Show and Namaqualand before the end of the month.

New Spring Menus

Spring is the perfect excuse for picnics, seasonal local produce like avos and citrus, and trying the new menus of the country’s top chefs. La Colombe’s new menu is said to be more than just a meal, but instead an Alice in Wonderland flavour journey akin to a theatrical experience. Restaurant Mosaic at the Orient in Joburg, the Test Kitchen in Cape Town, and Hartford House in the Midlands are just 3 of the top restaurants that change with the season.  Watch out for, growing, Restaurant Week South Africa at the end of October. In its 5th year, the event connects eaters with SA’s top spots for affordable multi-course experiences.

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