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– Aaliyah Mia

Spring is here!!! Don’t you just love it!!! The air seems fresher, the grass is greener, the birds are chirpier in fact everything just feels more alive. Of course, with Spring comes warmer, longer days and it’s just about my favourite part of the year. It’s almost a time of rebirth…a new energy is on the air.

It’s time to move to lighter jerseys and lighter colours. Even our home menus get their version of a makeover, with more colour on the plate, salads start becoming our meal choices and rusty gym memberships make their reappearance. We all have our own special ways of greeting this new season and this month we take a peek at some of the different ways we get to do that.

Zira as usual always has her special take on mealtimes and this time she’s celebrating the freshness of the season (Pg. 14) We’ve already tried some of her suggestions and we’re in love. Our fashion pages are filled with floral and flowery inspo (Pg.21-29) It’s time to give that wardrobe a shot of colour and we know just how to do it! And for even more great ideas our Friend in Fashion, Tracey gives us the lowdown in getting it right without breaking the bank (Pg,30)

There is no better place in the world but South Africa during the Spring, check out our six reasons why on (Pg. 42) Shaina Herman breaks it down for us. Simbithi Country Club on the South Coast of Durban is not just for golf enthusiasts, we checked it out and The Fig Tree is breaking all kinds of culinary barriers in Durban (Pg. 58) and Chef Daryn Bowers (Pg. 59) is a real gem and genius in the kitchen. His cool Spring recipes are a delight (Pg.60-65), give them a go at home or even better still pop in to the Fig Tree and experience for yourself his beautiful art on a plate.

Our wine pages have become quite popular and we hope you’re saving them all and using them to impress your friends as you become an accomplished oenophile. This month Ndumiso presents The Landscape series from Gabrielskloof and we look forward to hearing what you have to say once you’ve tried them (Pg.70) and for those who enjoy a little ride on the wild side, check out our selection of open top cars that you can cruise the city in (Pg. 93)

This edition is saying “Hey! Spring!! And we look forward to your comments and feedback and of course suggestions, as always!!

Go on, Be Wonderful…’s Spring! 

As always, with love, light and blessings……


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