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Chef at The Fig Tree. It was once said that: ‘eating is a necessity, but cooking is an ‘art’

If there is a man who understands these words almost perfectly, it is Chef Daryn Bowers. Since taking over the reins at the Simbithi Country Club, Daryn’s charisma and charm have endeared him not only to his efficient staff of chefs and waitrons, but also to residents of Simbithi Eco-Estates and guests who frequent the gorgeous Fig Tree Restaurant.

One simply has to spend a few charged moments in the kitchen when Daryn is behind the pots to notice the enthusiasm, passion and utmost respect he exudes for his craft. When he creates a dish, he leaves a distinct stamp of individuality and professionalism – he is renowned for his impeccable flair for plating – that is unmistakable.

Daryn’s interest in cooking was sparked in his high school years, when he spent weekends in the kitchens of some of Durban’s top restaurants. He describes cooking as something that took over his heart and soul, a philosophy which has seen him work at some of the country’s most respected kitchens and rack up an impressive list of awards.

The confident chef, who recently also took over the Country Club’s Food and Beverage department, finds inspiration in innovation and creativity. He thoroughly enjoys experimenting with new flavours and ingredients; his unique style is evidenced in the plethora of new dishes on the Fig Tree’s recently re-launched a la carte and dinner menu. When he is not behind the pots, Daryn is an avid surfer and enjoys brewing craft beer – multi-talented, at best! He, his wife Candy (a professional baker; it runs in the family) and their two daughters are happily settled in Ballito.

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