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Vintage clothing is generally acknowledged as any clothing or accessory that was made in the 1980’s or earlier. This means that there is a huge selection to choose from. Although it may be normal to gravitate towards one particular era, try to mix up your wardrobe from different eras, to avoid looking like you are wearing a costume.

 A step back in time:

  • 1900’s collared tops, voluminous lace gowns and corsets
  • 1910’s brought about the trench coat and lace up boots for woman
  • 1920’s glamorous beaded fascinators and flapper dresses
  • 1930’s fur collars and wide brimmed hats
  • 1940’s halter tops, pastel sweaters and cigarette-style pants
  • 1950’s unitards, circle skirts and leather jackets
  • 1960’s the bell bottom jean, paisley shirts and the peace sign
  • 1970’s leg warmers and pantsuits
  • 1980’s was all about neon colours, shoulder pads and tunics with leggings

Let’s look at how best to wear vintage


Keep your outfit 50/50 modern and vintage. If you choose a vintage style bottom, then throw on a modern top. Dresses can be made more current by adding modern accessories, or having a modern hairstyle. Dressing vintage can mean having a vintage scarf with a modern outfit. It doesn’t mean big pieces from head to toe.


 Although you may be after the look, make sure that what you choose suits you, as well as fits properly. This is one area where it can all go horribly wrong. You don’t want to look like you’re drowning in your grandmother’s clothes.


There are so many vintage jewellery pieces around, which can add an interesting edge to a modern outfit. This is where you can go big! Statement necklaces, bold bangles and clip on earrings to name a few. It all depends on what you are comfortable with! This is not a look for everyone, so make sure if you opt for vintage you wear it with confidence.

Your friend in fashion’

Tracey xx


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