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Sometimes guys are a little shy about asking for men’s beauty tips.

But, times have changed. Yes, they have and men can look and feel their most confident with basic personal upkeep. Here are just a few tips and hints that can help!



Taking care of your skin is the single most important thing you can do for your appearance

  1. The CTM routine (cleansing, toning and moisturising) is just as important for men. Wash your face with a good cleanser. (Cleansing is essential it sanitizes your skin and eliminates dead skin cells)
  2. Make after-shave your new best friend. “After-shave hydrates and soothes the skin; it also seals in the skin after a nice shave
  3. Use moisturizer every day to maintain healthy skin



Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you get lax about hair maintenance. The hair care routine for men is the same as it is for women.

  1. Take time out once or twice a week to trim protruding nose and ear hair
  2. Trim your eyebrows if they are big and bushy.
  3. Shaving creates a well groomed appearance
  4. Get your hair cut by a proper hairdresser regularly.



  1. Eat well, stay hydrated, exercise.
  2. What you eat and drink can drastically affect the way you look.
  3. Working out will keep you in physical shape and will improve your overall appearance.
  4. Never leave home without applying sunscreen. If you can find a moisturizer that contains SPF of 30 or higher, (Make sure you apply the sunscreen 15 minutes before heading out, so it gets absorbed better)



Dirty, dry hands will never add anything to your image but well-groomed hands and nails can certainly add to your overall appearance:

  1. So it is very important for men to take care of their hands from the skin to their nails.
  2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. After each and every wash, moisturize your hands. Carry moisturizer with you.
  3. Smooth the nail with a file to even out the edges. Use a metal nail file to shape to a slightly rounded shape and squared off at the edges.
  4. Stop using your nails as tools Nails are soft and they can be easily damaged when used to open a hard lid or to scratch paper
  5. Push the cuticles down.



No matter how often you clean your teeth, they can become stained from drinking tea, coffee, smoking, and eating certain foods

  1. It’s essential to brush and floss regularly, and pay close attention to gums
  2. Brushing all alone does not flush out germs completely. You require a good quality mouthwash which is able to clean the germs in the mouth and takes care of the oral cavity.

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