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With Smoked Salmon, Goats Cheese, Cucumber Sauce & Basil Mayo

Prawn Filling Ingredients: 

  • 4 Prawn peeled                                  
  • 1Tsp Parsley                                             
  • 1Tsp Mayonnaise                                   
  • 1Tsp Cilantro                                          
  • 1Tsp Basil pesto                                      
  • 30g Goats cheese                                   
  • 20g Pepper dews                                   
  • 4 Drops Tabasco red                                    
  • Maldon salt To Taste                                   
  • Pepper black course To Taste                      
  • 6 Cucumber                                        
  •  45g  Smoked Salmon Thin Sliced in Slithers / Garnish   

Prawn Filling Method: 

  1. In a food processor add all the ingredients except for the cucumber slices, and use the pulse function on the blender to roughly blend all ingredients together
  2. On a clean working service place 2 layers of cling wrap 30 cm over lapping one another longest siding facing towards you
  3. Place the thinly sliced cucumber vertacly over lapping then pipe in the prawn filling
  4. Now roll up the cucumber in the cling film manintaing an even cylinder
  5. Rest in fridge for 1 hour

Chilled Cucumber Sauce Ingredients:                

  • 1 Cucumber seeded Roughly Chopped
  • 2 tsb Parsley                                    
  • 2 tsb Cilantro                                    
  • 2 tsb White wine vinegar                 
  • 2 tsb Lemon juice                               
  • 1 tsb Honey                                      
  • Maldon Salt To taste

Chilled Cucumber Sauce Method:

  1. In a food processor place all ingredients and blend till smooth
  2. Pass the sauce through a fine strainer
  3. Chill in fridge for 30 minutes before serving


  1. In a soup bowl of you’re choice pour the chilled cucumber sauce
  2. Gentle unwrap the cucumber and prawn roulade and top and tail the edges, then place in the center of the bowl
  3. Place the thinly sliced salmon on top of the roulade and finish off with any micro greens























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