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Most of us would love to travel like rockstars and leave all the details to someone else, but even legends need to be aware of a few things:

  1. Flexibility is Key

Always be prepared for delays or long waits. Things go wrong, try not to get upset. You simply got to have patience when travelling.

  1. Bag Swap

If you’re travelling with your partner or significant other it’s always a good idea to put some clothing items in each other’s bags, that way if one goes missing/gets lost etc. You both will have something to wear.

  1. Remember Your Flight Number:

Sounds obvious but it definitely helps if an airport does not list the full name of the destination airport, or sometimes they even just list by flight number alone, especially at smaller airports.

  1. Map It

Make sure you have the Google maps app on your phone. There are also offline options if you’re not in a wifi zone, such as City Maps2Go. These are pretty useful in helping you get around and not get lost. As with all things, these maps can be fallible so be sure to check “scenic route” or “most direct” etc.

  1. No to Overplanning

Try not to plan every minute of the day. Plan two or three things and then allow the day to unfold. It’s less stressful and if you feel less pressured you generally have a better time.


Au revoir!

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