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Meet  Don, #TheJediMaster (or Donovan when his mom gets upset at him) a two times Next Generation Wella Master colour award winner.

Originally from Italy, the 4th generation hairdresser studied business before getting into the family trade.Even though he’s worked abroad and owned a number of salons in his career, he is always looking to learn more. Don has recently returned from a trip to Croatia where he was brought up to speed on the latest technics & styles.        

Don is  currently the owner of Blow Hair Bar in Glen Ashley and a partner at Headhunters in Ballito.

“I understand that my talent is God given, and  I will not waste drop of it…I have to share it with the world, one client at a time.”

How often should you wash your hair and what products would you recommend for each hair type?

“I don’t think there is an ideal amount of times a week that you should wash your hair – it is all dependent on the person. The average woman will wash her hair once a week. – to put it simply you should wash your hair when it is dirty for all hair types”

Product Suggestions


I would recommend the Wella System Professional Range. This is a hydrating range that comes with a shampoo & conditioner. It contains Glycerin that aids with moisture & balance regulation. It also contains Glucose & Fructose that helps with moisture retention. The last benefit to this range is that it has Dh-Panthenol, which deeply penetrates the hair as well as protects against drying out.


I would recommend The Wella Purify System Professional Range. The Dermpure Complex Range contains Zinc Pyrithione, Witch Hazel Extract & Allintion. Together these ingredients help to regulate the natural oils on the scalp, reduce large pores and sooth the dermis.


I would recommend Nioxin, which is a Wella based product and is currently number one in the world. There are 6 variations to this product. However, before using you will need to have a consultation, then you will receive a tailor made treatment for you.


I would suggest the Wella Smoothing Range from the System Professional. This range contains avocado oil, which helps smoothen and protect the hair. It also has cashmere extracts, which is very good for the nourishment of hair. The last added benefit is the soothing polymers which makes the hair supple and gives the hair a soft feeling.



Double up on your monthly treatments (Every second wash you should do a treatment)


Use something that cleans the scalp like a purifying shampoo.


I would recommend the Nixoin product again – as it is a hair loss preventative – and consider extra on scalp treatments.


Use a smoothing agent and double up on treatments to soften the hair.

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