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While the fashion industry continues to grow & change, we must never forget where it all began. Back then there was no technology like there is today, so a lot more went into creating an iconic piece. Today we literally need to snap a pic and send it to someone to re-create. In a nutshell the influence of fashion continues year after year. Basic silhouettes and styles are updated & adapted.

So who were the icons?

Audrey Hepburn

Made “the little black dress” famous. Worn with her famous neck piece of 3 strands of pearls and her hair in an up style, she will never be forgotten in the scene of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. Still a chic and sexy item to have in your wardrobe for any special occasion.

Diana Ross

Wow a lady in her prime! Diva with a capital D. Although she changed her style over the years, she will always be remembered for her magnificent embellished ball gowns and wigs. Motown would not be what it is today without her influence.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn paved the way for Hollywood luxurious trends and created a legacy that continues. She was the woman who introduced sexy (subtly) into the fashion industry. From high waisted bikinis to the fit in flare dress. An icon never to be forgotten.


“The mod model” Slim and tall with drawn on eyebrows, a trend yet to be explored. She quickly made her name and was an icon that was known as a daring trendsetter.

Katherine Hepburn

A woman after my own heart! She was known as “the first lady of menswear” On screen, she fashioned her very own personal style that embodied the American look, yet off screen she favoured sportswear.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis

This is one fashion icon that we see been imitated over and over again. It’s what I refer to as the “desired modern monarchy look!” Simple lines, great fabrics and pillbox hats. She reshaped fashions view of conservative clothing.

Elizabeth Taylor

Her fashion style was often described as “fearless!”. Plunging necklines, eye catching head pieces, boas,  fur and statement jewellery. She exuded glitz and glamour wherever she went. Her impact on the fashion industry is still evident.

Celebrities that have been compared to some of these style icons include Cate Blanchett, Emma Watson and Beyoncé.

“Dress like you are already famous.”

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