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There’s no better way to indulge your senses in a new destination than to step into the orderly chaos of a local market & smell, touch, see, and eat your way through it entirely. A walk through food market is instant insight into culture & traditional food.

A look at some of the legendary food markets around the world

  1. China’s Kashgar Market

This market has been operating as a Silk Road market for centuries. The bazaar is lively. If you arrive in the morning you’ll be witness to merchants arriving at their coveted spots by oxen or donkey pulled carts and a backdrop of mostly men appearing more Middle Eastern or European than Chinese. Fruits, spices, nuts, exotic produce, and hundreds of other items can be snapped up any day of the week. Most notable and raved about from all walks of life are the lamb kebabs.


 2. Borough Market London

London’s Borough Market southwest of London Bridge has been in existence for almost two centuries. Savor the aromas of freshly baked pastries and breads. You may find European style charcuterie, dairy, seafood and fish, fruits and vegetables, condiments, spices, and preserves.


3. Mercato Coperto in Trieste, Italy

This market showcases an all-encompassing celebration of Italian food.  Wines, olive oils, balsamic vinegars, rich cheeses–the list of specialties goes on.


4. Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

Turkish Delight, seasoned with pistachio, lemon, and rosewater, are one of the most legendary foods at this market. The spice shops are bursting with aromatic mint, pungent cinnamon sticks, saffron and a huge array of other herbs and spices. One mission worth accepting is sourcing out the quintessential Turkish meal: the kebab, arguably one of the most delicious local foods and a must-try when visiting Istanbul.


5. The Neighbourgoods Market, Cape Town

Located at The Old Biscuit Mill, this award-winning market features over 100 specialty traders every Saturday, creating a weekly platform for local farmers, fine-food purveyors, organic merchants, bakers, grocers, mongers, butchers, artisanal producers and celebrated local chefs to showcase and sell their delicious wares.

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