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Executive Chef Kayla-Ann Osborn and her brigade of 12 qualified chefs have crafted their menu around fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.  

The dishes are inspired by what is readily available on the day.  Fresh produce from local, organic farmers arrives in the morning and the dishes are tweaked and arranged accordingly.  The menu changes slightly every day and each season will see different ingredients and new dishes to enjoy.

The open plan kitchen is at the heart of the restaurant – for the theatre of it but also for the chefs, to stay connected to the energy of the diners. watch the chefs at work and feel the connection to the food and the beautifully plated dishes being prepared.

Inspired eating experiences

Each dish is carefully sculptured around exceptional flavours and plated as a work of art on hand crafted ceramic dishes, further reinforcing the artisanal nature of the dining experience. The full wine cellar boasts an impressive array of fine South African wines as well vintage bottles that can be viewed on request. The interior of the restaurant reflects the philosophy of the food: natural materials, raw, luxurious yet simple… comfortable and familiar, yet exhilarating and adventurous.


Executive Chef Kayla Ann Osborn trained at the renowned 1000 Hills Chef School under the mentorship of Chif Dixi who is both the owner and principal of the institution. After a tough, intensive year under her guidance Chef Kayla was ready to meet the world. Chef says that from a little girl she knew that the kitchen was the place for her.She would spend hours cooking with her gran and this is obviously where her obsession with food began. She says it wasn’t that she ‘made the choice’, it was just what was going to happen and her subject choice of Consumer Studies at school cemented the idea.

On her style of food : It is all about flavor. I like to cook what I like to eat. My goal is simple: Focus on the natural flavours of the product and work with what complements it.

On Food as Art: Textures and flavours are important but there is no point in having a beautifully plated dish if the flavours do nothing for each other or for your tastebuds. The flavours must work.

On Life in Her Kitchen: I am usually very calm and unstressed. The kitchen is my happy place and service time is when I enjoy myself the most. I think it’s important to have a sense of humour in this industry or you will lose your mind. The days of the Head Chef screaming and shouting throughout service is so old school. How can you expect someone to perform at their best when you’re insulting their being, personality and passion. It’s an absurd concept to me.

On her team:  My staff know that I am open to new ideas from them and we often use their ideas if they’re good. I want to learn from them as much as they want to learn from me. I believe it’s important to pass on what I have learnt. A person will only complete a task properly if they understand why and how to do it properly. Our kitchen is a happy, calm, passion driven place to learn and grow.

On Seasonality and Produce: Fresh, sustainable and seasonal is the way to go. The more we demand free-range, organic and ethical food, the more the food industry will grow it and the less pricey it will become for the buyer. We need to be aware of how many terrible additives are being put into our food and how bad they are for us. Supporting local farmers is much better value for money in my opinion.

On Hobbies : Other than cooking, dogs are my other passion in life. I am involved in volunteer work but sadly don’t always have as much time for it as I would like. Any other free time is spent running. I believe each meal you eat should be amazing, exciting and filling.

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