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Welcome to the Ice Cream Museum

Los Angeles

Well not exactly a museum but rather another opportunity to be playful and allow your inner child to go wild. Or perhaps just take your kids along. What started as a ‘pop up’ has proved so successful with Beyonce and Blue Ivy paying it a visit that they’ve extended it for another month. From being welcomed by the Ice Cream Fairy to a swimming pool full of sprinkles and making friends with gummie bears.  This is an experience for both adults and children alike. Well, if you’re lucky enough to get a ticket. Plus, they only 20 people every half an hour.  If you’re not into pink, well this is simply not the place for you. The buildings are pink, the skillets are pink… in fact there is pink just about everywhere you look. Except maybe in the greenhouse where mint is grown in ‘chocolate soil’ for chocolate mint. Gotta luv the innovation though. And the main rule here is to have fun, now how could that possibly be a bad thing.


Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 14.28.22.png



Brewing a Craft

Palawan, Phillipines

Meet Ayah and Malu, two ladies who are together setting trends, crerating job opportunites and crafting their way to success….and beer. Armed with just a small ‘homebrewing’ kit Ayah left San Diego when the craft beer craze hit and brought the idea back to her home country.  A few ‘tasting parties’ called “Ayahay Nights” to test the product later and Palawano Brewery was ready to make headlines. Using produce from nearby including chilli and herbs from their backyard and mango, coconut and other local delights, the beers have become a hit with locals and tourists alike. Their journey has taken them just over five years to get where they are and a visit to their brewery is a must if you’re in the Phillipines. All the beer is bottled by hand and these ladies have certainly become trailblazers in  their country. It is after all the first all female craft brewery in the country.


Out to Sea


It looks like the glistening emirate is about to show off again as His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai has announced that Dubai is growing again. Set for completion by 2020, two new ‘islands’ will be built to flank the imposing Burj al Arab, one will cater to families and be home to entertainment facilities including a marine and water park (the Wild Wadi Water Park, be relocated and expanded) , a string of hotel and retail options and other family type entertainment options. The other will offer more seclusion and include luxury villas and a private marina. Of course, reclaimed land will be used for the project but beach lovers need not worry as there will also be around 2kms of sandy beaches.


Brixton Beach is Back

London, UK

It’s summer time for our friends in the North and this season London gets a taste of Cuba at Brixton beach. The ultimate urban beach in the heart of Brixton is the gateway to South London’s booming food scene.Inspired by the vibrant culture of Cuba, Brixton Beach will transport guests to a lush and colourful paradise, serving up a winning combination of cocktails, street food and entertainment, creating the ultimate festival that lasts all summer long.Created by the award-winning team behind South Pole Saloon, Big Apple Brixton and last year’s popular Brixton Beach Boulevard, the rooftop will be located in an area well-loved for embracing cultures and produce from all over the world.Visitors will journey to a magnificent tropical fiesta on the beach and prepare to turn up the heat in Cuba. Guests will be greeted with the sights and scents of Hemingway’s adopted country of Cuba, with fresh mint hanging down from the bar’s roof in tendrils alongside swathes of exotic hanging foliage, perfect for drinkers to pick and garnish their own cocktails with.









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