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This time we’re looking at when you actually arrive at your destination. You’re on holiday, you’re a visitor, so no need to be all executive like, just relax and take it all in.  Back in the good old days when travel was a little more difficult people would take the time to get involved. To really experience the place they were visiting.  But I think it’s just because life was at a little bit of a slower pace. No instant gratification. So the next time you travel for leisure, try and approach it differently.  Here are some handy hints to give you a kick start.

1. A small first aid kit is a must. And it should include insect/mosquito repellent.

2. A lightweight jersey or jacket is arequirement. Africa really is a warm continent but it does also get cold. And depending on which part of Africa you’re visiting, it can get very cold.

3. Make sure you check the vaccination requirements for each country on the continent, as you may have to show proof of it to gain entry. The same applies for visas.

4. Africa is a diverse continent with many different cultures, ideas and people. Be open minded and remember that ‘one does not fit all’ on this multi faceted piece of the earth.

5. And yes, crime exists. So be vigilant, be smart and try not to do something different to what you would do at home. So if you avoid dark alleys at home, do the same here.

6. Keep an open mind, my brother in law once mentioned that Africa is a continent of cities, and I couldn’t understand what he meant. But for example, if you travel to Nairobi or Cape Town or even Luanda, chances are that you will find most of what you need. But out of the city it becomes a different ball game. So be aware and most of all be open to the possibilities that await you.

6. Africa is about more than just the animals. We have Kilimanjaro, Table Mountain, beautiful cities like Nairobi or Durban too. Also, animals operate on their own schedule, so that ‘checklist’ you may have for all the animals you’re going to see may not get all the ‘checks’. Rather than feeling disappointed that you did not get to see all the “Big Five”, give yourself space to enjoy everything else.

6. DO TIP – Most bills do not include a service charge and that tip that you might leave can mean a great deal for the person receiving it. Many times, tips go a long way in bridging the gap between the wages.

Africa has a warmth and heartbeat all its own. If you listen real close you will feel it in your soul. Stay long enough and when you leave, you will undoubtedly take a piece of this beautiful continent with you.  The people are different all across the continent yet they all have one thing in common, a deep love for Africa.

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