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With an African Gogo

Gogo was born at Kwanobamba village in Weenen in 1936. After attending primary school at St.Michaels and then Mantobello high school,she married her husband, Fox. During their forty years together gogo went on to have six children. When he passed away in 1992, gogo then devoted her time and love to her large family including her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Gogo worked at the famous Beverly Hills Hotel for 30 years during which time she cared for the children of Sol Kerzner, Howard and Beverly. Nowadays, she enjoys watching the gospel channels on tv and spending time with her beloved family.

Q: No meal is complete without… Salt

Q: My kitchen rules: Wash your hands before handling food and after handling meat or poultry. Hands can be a virtual freight train of bacteria.

Q: What piece of kitchen equipment is an essential: A Sharp Knife. It’s important to take good care of your knives and keep them well sharpened at all times.

Q The most versatile ingredient every kitchen should have and why: Garlic and Ginger, The two  possess therapeutic uses and  health

benefits. As a heart patient I enjoy using these ingredients because I know very well that they contribute to my wellbeing and help my health condition.

Q: Favourite meal and why: Samp and Beans  is my favourite meal.  It is not only affordable but  its healthy and good for you too. Packed with nutrition, it makes me feel at warm, safe and at home and has been my favourite since childhood.

Q: What dish brings back special memories, describe the dish: Sweet Potato and Beef Stew. This meal brings back special memories of growing up in the village.  I was living with my grandmother, mother and siblings. My father use to travel all the time and every time he came home my mother would  prepare this meal as a special treat for us.

Q: Which meal is the most important in a home: Steamed bread (Steamed bread is a kind of bread, typically made from wheat, that is prepared by steaming) and beans. Nothing beats homemade steamed bread. This is a nourishing and comforting food that every home should have.  In our  culture homemade bread, symbolizse a warm  home.

Q: Who taught you how to cook: My grandmother. She cooked nothing fancy but she knew how to throw together a family meal.Prior to that I used to watch my sister in law cook, so when my granny started to teach me, I already knew all the basic stuff.

Q: What were the best lessons you learnt: The best lesson that I have learned is that some of the best meals, require patience. And always pay attention to details.

Gogo’s kitchen tips

1. Clean as you go.

2. Take the time to tidy your kitchen before you begin cooking. It’s essential to practice the combining of cooking and cleaning this helps free up valuable work space, eliminate visual mess. This is just a simple tip that makes a world of difference.

3. Cleanliness keeps disease away!

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