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Lauren’s love for all things culinary goes way back, probably to when she first started making homemade butter and bread with her gran on the farm. Or perhaps to when her mom was busy making and bottling her famous jams and pickles and Lauren was making her “Sticky Fingers”.

Chef Lauren has always loved the farm or bush life but her love for the bush became exceedingly apparent during her time spent at Phinda Private Game Reserve whilst completing her culinary studies. She remembers too with great fondness her time spent on her grandparents farm picking fresh vegetables and fruit, the smell of fresh cow’s milk, the farm fresh eggs and so many other details. She says “If I think of it now, it was like a rustic supermarket, with everything your heart desired to choose from”

Once she received her diploma and after all the practicals at Mount Nelson, Ellerman House and even the Savoy Cabbage, it was back to the bush again. She spent about 2.5 years at Thanda Private Game Reserve and eventually found herself at Amakhosi, and she loves it here. She says it feels like she’s part of a big family at Amakhosi and besides “who gets to have a herd of elephant as their traffic on their way to work” Lauren says her greatest challenge is her dear friend Thula: “We always have to watch like clock work at 3:00 high tea everyday – she sometimes get’s stuck in herself!  or like at one Christmas I made our guests beautiful individual Christmas Cakes months before the time and was doctoring them with their brandy every other week, only to walk into the kitchen one morning and find that Christmas had come early for Thula – I was so mad, all my hard work and time gone.”

“I love what I do” says Lauren and for this young lady from King Williams Town, it is a dream come true! Everyone who departs from their stay always say there is something special about Amakhosi and no one can really say what it is…. and it is very true…… will have to experience it for yourself to see what we mean.


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