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The idea of a Motique (mobile boutique) was conceived out of a rather eye opening trip to SE Asia, where various retailers trade beyond the 9-5pm shopping that we are so accustomed to in SA.

Owners Bianca and Khaya Sibiya wanted to provide an alternative to consumers and literally turn the traditional retail model, with its limitations on its head.We want to continue to create for Africans and take Fashion to our Customers, producing garments made by Africans within Africa.

The Motique is a fully fledged retail space, measuring 9,3m long with a retail and merchandising offering, a change-room, a back office, seating and so much more. As a stand alone asset, the Motique will be available for hire on request as there is certainly nothing like it on the streets on Mzansi.

The duo’s core product offering includes uniquely African inspired Sports Luxe and Street-wear, with an Androgynous twist. The idea was to incorporate items into our brand profile that can be worn by both genders, and by providing the “Alternative” for what to buy, where to buy and how to buy, Punk And Ivy aims to achieve that.

Bianca is a Digital Marketing specialist who helped form P & I with partner Khaya Bhubesi in late 2012. The duo have since mastered the bespoke suit and garment market for clients, as well as Khaya’s creative and styling services to various TV commercials for brands such as Standard Bank, Coca-Cola, SAB Miller etc.

We are driven by a need to document and articulate life on our continent and within our border, through our creative work. Punk And Ivy as a term was used in the late 60′ into the 70’s in Soweto to describe a particular style of dress for Men. Punks were more garish, hard edged street looks, think of Michael Jackson’s Thriller whilst the Ivy’s were more of the “Metrosexual Male” stove pipe pants, wide leg pleat front pants, platform shoes and far more of the “Dapper Dan” look. The duo found relevance in using the term as a name for the business, and in providing an alternative to consumers in the fashion space. To continue using design to capture and record the times we live in as a young nation, filled with so much incredible potential, and we should be the ones selling ourselves to the World, the way we choose to. Tailored to the needs of the Urban African, we started this label in Johannesburg, using local fabrics and local tailors to deliver ready wear garments.

100% Local Leather, furs, great suiting, active wear with a sports luxe edge and prints that define all things that are uniquely African.



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