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The Chateau is the world’s first organic spa and wellness resort. Inspired by the 12th century “Haut Koenigsbourg” castle in Alsace, France The Chateau offers guests a complete organic experience as well as impeccable service and unsurpassed hospitality standards. La Santé Organic Wellness Spa sets a new benchmark for a destination spa which blends the best of European spa expertise with renowned Asian hospitality.

 The Chateau stands erect and proud at 3,000 feet above sea level, sprawled over 16,000 acres of lush greenery; as it reigns over the village of Colmar Tropicale,  a French− themed village resort and overlooks the tendered green lawns and slopes of the 18 hole championship golf course of Berjaya Hills Golf & Country Club, among other attractions in Berjaya Hills, Pahang, Malaysia.

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The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resorts, the world’s first organic spa and wellness resort, taket its place on the global pedestal in glorious double triumph as the prestigious Seven Stars and Stripes, a global award authority which confers four prestigious awards to her title. At the same time, it is bestowed with an ‘International Star Diamond Award’ from The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, a global organization known for awarding five and six−star properties of hospitality excellence and pinnacle quality. Conceptualised to differentiate itself from other destination spas in the world, The Chateau devised a winning strategy of an impossible feat – to offer a complete organic experience with personalised holistic spa and wellness programme for discerning guests in search of a destination spa which provides the ultimate in health and well−being enrichment.


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From the organic hand towel and welcome drinks offered upon the guests’ arrival; to its 100% organic bed and linens in the rooms, organic bathroom amenities of ‘VOYA’ product range (hand harvested seaweed from untouched ocean bed of Ireland); delightful organic cuisines; and spa treatments, The Chateau offers an extraordinary organic wellness experience for her guests, coupled with unsurpassed hospitality standards and impeccable service. Through personalised flexible spa and wellness programmes, The Chateau opens the door for her guests to a world of self – discovery of personal wellness and complete well−being.

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With a guiding environmental philosophy:”We have a heart for the planet”; The Chateau evidently cares for the planet through the use of the latest in environmental technology and best practices in operating the resort. The environmental practices are such as, the use of Japan’s newest technology (a compositing machine) that recycles leftover organic food to organic fertilizer; converting a chlorinated swimming pool to a salt pool; the use of bio−degradable chemical in laundry and washing; use of recycling paper; and have cultivated three organic farms to supply fresh organic produce for the kitchen.




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