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Uncovering the fascination with the age old, popular beauty herb “Henna”.

Used for centuries to create beautiful, temporary designs on the body this natural product is as popular as ever. In fact, we could go so far as to say it is even more popular now as the idea of body art continues to spread across continents and cultures.


A small flowering shrub with many uses. The fragrant flowers are used to create perfume. The leaves are dried and made into a fine powder, used for dying clothes, hair and temporarily dying the skin (henna tattooing). Henna comes in one colour but it can be mixed with other natural ingredients to create other natural colours. 

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Used for many reasons including: On the skin as a form of self-expression; celebration of special events, temporary tattoos. On the hair: as colour or conditioner.


BENEFITS OF  HENNA TATTOOS These have increased in popularity and are a fun way to have a tattoo without regretting it years later. It also helps with  the ‘boredom’ factor. The temporary nature of the tattoo means you can replace with a new design as often as you like. The stain of a henna tattoo can last anywhere from one to three weeks. Of course, this depends on a few factors like skin type, lifestyle and body part.



Travel abroad to any of the islands like Bali, Phuket etc and you can get a tattoo of your choice whilst sipping a Pina Colada on the beach. Or locally, some tattoo parlours do offer them. The best for these are the many Pakistani ladies in your local areas or Eastern fairs. These ladies do some pretty amazing artwork, freehand. If you’re a good artist yourself you can pop to your local Indian grocer or spice shop and get your own and give it a bash. It would be wise to ask about the different types while you’re there as there are many ways to apply. Some come in tubes, pens or even in just powder form where you will have to mix with something else.



  • Natural Non- Toxic colouring
  • Cure for head lice

  • cure ring worms

  • Cure dandruff

  • Leave your hair silky thick and healthy.


    Add enough lemon juice to the henna powder to form a paste. The paste should be as thick as green, runny mud. Application should be from the base of the head working towards the front. Wrap the head in cling film for at least two hours.


    PS: Remember, the henna turns your hair a shade of red depending on what colour you start out with. The colour deepens after a day or two.

    ** It is a great conditioner that brings out your natural shine. This is a great, non-chemical means of dyeing your beautiful tresses.





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