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From the Maldives to Sri Lanka Chef Chaluka has been honing his culinary skills and expanding his knowledge the only way he knows how, by getting involved. He’s worked in the 24 hour coffee shop at the luxury Eden Resort & Spa & progressed from Junior sous chef to senior sous chef & even had a hand in lecturing at Mercmerine.

With all this experience under his belt it is no wonder that Chef Chaluka is a whizz in the kitchen. Currently the Executive Chef a Heritance Ahungalla he prides himself on serving inspired and authentic dishes that taste as delectable as they look.

It comes as little surprise then that even guests at neighbouring hotels visit just to have a meal prepared by his kitchen.

Travellers from all across the globe recommend at least just one meal here and this is due to the passion and commitment of Chef Chaluka.

A graduate of the Ceylon Hotel School, Chef Chaluka is no stranger to the pressures of the professional kitchen and every plate that leaves his kitchen bears testament to his dedication and passion for his craft.

Kitchen Philosophy: A true dining experience represents a work of art; from the skill of creativity and execution of technique, to the quality of ingredients used and precision of presentation. We at Heritance Ahungalla, have made it our philosophy and passion to master the art of perfection in every single dish we create. Every day we seek to find the newest culinary innovations to continue to establish the highest standards in dining distinction.

Favourite Ingredients: Cinnamon, Curry leaves, Lemon grass, Nut mag, Sri lanka clove, cardamon etc…

Favourite Dish: Cinnamon smoked breast of duck with homemade orange marmalade and cashew waldorf


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